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Choose several of the following questions to discuss in a blog post reflection on the movie GATTACA. This reflection will become an artifact on your portfolio page 2 as part of your awareness of the effects of science upon society.


1. The following terms were used in the movie. How do they relate to the words we use: degenerate and invalid?


-This refers to people whose genes are considered less than acceptable. It’s a play on words…with ‘degenerate’ and ‘gene’….Heh.


-This means both ‘invalid’ and ‘invalid’ (The English language is so hard!!). It basically means people whose genes aren’t considered ‘valid’ enough.

        Borrowed Ladder

-This term which refers to someone who borrows another’s DNA to try and be considered a ‘valid’. The ‘ladder’ part is because DNA kinda looks like a ladder (I think?? I’m hoping because otherwise I’ll just look like a dumb face)

2. Why do you think Vincent left his family, tearing his picture out of the family photo, after winning the swimming race against his brother?

-I believe Vincent did this because, by winning the race against his brother, he figured that if he could do that, then he could achieve his dreams of going into space. But he couldn’t do this with his family holding him back! So he disconnected himself from them.


3. Describe the relationship between Vincent and Anton.

Vincent and Anton always had a really competitive relationship, and Anton always thought he was better than VIncent. But he was WROOOONG.

4. When Jerome Morrow said to Vincent/Jerome, “They’re not looking for you. When they look at you, they only see me,” what did he mean? Can you find any parallels to this type of situation in real life?

Jerome meant that since Vincent was posing as Jerome, Jerome himself was the only one they cared about since they thought that’s who it was.  I think one parallel to this situation is when a book is made into a film, and people only give credit to the actors rather than praising the author who came up with these characters.

5. Choose your favorite character from the film. Explain why you choose that person. Would you want to be that person? Why? Why not?

My favorite character was probably Vincent, mainly because he was just so thoroughly passionate about what he wanted and would do anything to reach his goal. I don’t think I would want to be him, however, because having a condition that would stop me from reaching my one dream would feel awfully suffocating.

6. At the end of the film, you are told that the Doctor knew about Vincent all along. Why did the Doctor go along with the fraud? What would you have done if you were the Doctor?

The Doctor went along with Vincent and Jerome’s fraud because he wanted Vincent to achieve his dream. He knew that he wasn’t posing as Jerome to try and do any harm; He just wanted to prove himself. If I were the doctor, I think I would have done the same thing, as long as I was sure I wouldn’t get caught.

7. The technology to do what was done in the movie is definitely possible within the next fifty years. Do you think that Vincent’s world could eventually happen in America? Why?

I do think this is a possibility for America. It will be justified as being a way to make sure babies are healthy and happy throughout their lives, even if it sucks all possibilities of individuality. No more wide hips or small breasts or big noses or huge feet. Of course, many would think that it would be an improvement, to make sure people are beautiful and healthy, but it still detracts from individuality. What comes next? Deciding your child’s personality?

8. What do you think is wrong with the society portrayed in “GATTACA”? What is right?

The society in this film is extremely warped, and it’s definitely wrong to judge people solely on their health and DNA rather than the way the contribute and behave in society. What right is is being valued for how you impact society and how you treat others.

9. What were the screenwriters trying to tell us through the episode of the 12-fingered pianist? Is anything wrong with engineering children to have 12 fingers if, as a result, they will be able to make extraordinarily beautiful music?

The story of the 12-fingered pianist is implying that children will start to become genetically engineered to have extra fingers, or toes or limbs or whatever is it that will “help them” in their careers. I don’t believe this is right, as the child might want to grow up and be something other than a pianist. Then it would have just been cruel to engineer them that way. Plus, deciding your child’s career in itself isn’t right. They ought to be able to have their own experiences and choices.

10. You and your spouse are having a child and are at the Genetic Clinic pictured in the movie. What characteristics would you want for your child and what would you ask to be excluded? Why would you make those choices?

If I were to do something like this, I would want my child to have a fast metabolism, as well as a small nose and plenty of brains. But the latter would be most important in the long run, as everything else is trivial in comparision to smarts; Enough knowledge could get just about any job imaginable. 

11. Picture yourself as either Vincent, Jerome, or Anton. Would you have acted the same or done things differently if you were in the same world as them?

If I were Jerome, I don’t think I would have signed up to be a ‘ladder’. I would want to still try and live my life in some way. Once Jerome gave up his life to Vincent, he couldn’t go out or do anything. I imagine that was rather stifling, and I would just continue to try and own my own life and do as I please.

12. How does the society in GATTACA resemble the type of society America was during the height of the eugenics movement?

It reflects on the eugenics movement because it’s telling people that they’re less than others just because of the genetics they have. Even though GATTACA is based in the future, it seems like it’s only recessed to a past time where importances lied in the wrong places.